Toray Plastics
Toray Plastics’ new biobased LumiLid lidding films for refrigerated and frozen side dishes, entrées, dairy products and other wet and dry foods, possess environment-friendly and high-performance properties. Source: Toray Plastics.

As announced last year by Toray Plastics, the LumiLid films are FDA compliant for use with oven temperatures up to 400°F for 30 minutes. They also provide an oxygen barrier and have a low seal initiation temperature. Plus, the films are Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS) certified, so they offer another level of assurance for dairy customers.

LumiLid biobased films can be used for lidded refrigerated and frozen side dishes and entrées that require high heat for cooking or reheating. According to the company, they have a broad seal range, outstanding seal integrity and an easy peel. They are available in clear, white and metallized formats.

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