In a response to growing food safety emphasis and changing customer demographics, the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) and PROCESS EXPO launched new resources that will help food processing companies and suppliers stay informed and up to date on current trends and industry changes.

“As a trade association, FPSA’s role is to support the food processing supply industry in every way we can,” said Andy Drennan, FPSA senior vice president. “As part of our efforts, we are harnessing our members’ vast expertise to create informational articles about today’s top challenges. This also provides a platform for our members to showcase the innovative ways their companies are helping the food industry meet the demands of today and prepare for those of tomorrow.”

Resources include articles assembled from FPSA member interviews about upcoming changes, as well as a series of webinars.

FPSA has scheduled two webinars for this month:

On June 11, David Folwell and Brian Childs from digital marketing company The Growth Co., will discuss The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Food Processing Suppliers.

 On June 18, trade show presentation strategist Emilie Barta will offer a webinar on 6 Secret Ways to Build Relationships in Your Booth