After combing through thousands of new, innovative products, an expert panel of trend spotters identified the top five newest trends in specialty foods spotted at the Summer Fancy Food Show.

Held this past June in New York, the 61st annual show included the latest beverages and sauces, chocolates and cheeses, cocktail mixers and condiments from 2,600 specialty food companies representing 50 countries. The show this year, produced by the Specialty Foods Association, hosted more than 22,000 attendees.

"The Specialty Food Association is in a perfect position to spot trends before they happen," said Ann Daw, president of the association. "Our show celebrates what's next in specialty food as our exhibitors present the latest in specialty food to buyers eager to find new products and new twists on classics."

The top 5 trends identified at the show included:

Gazpacho to Go

-Tio Gazpacho – Gazpacho de Sol

-Gina Cucina – Watermelon Habanero Gazpacho

-Bodega & Co. Mucho Gazpacho – Green Gazpacho

-The Splendid Spoon – Market Gazpacho

Can't Beat Beets

-Love Beets – Beet-Blueberry Bar

-Health-Ade – Beet Kombucha

-Eat Well Embrace Life – Beet Hummus

-Gringo Jack's – Beet, Orange & Quinoa Salsa

Flower Power

-Belvoir Fruit Farms – Elderflower & Rose Lemonade

-Masala Pop – Saffron Rose Popcorn

-Rogue Creamery – La-Di-Da Lavender Cheese

-Vosges Haut-Chocolat – Blood Orange Hibiscus Caramel Marshmallows

Cocktail Culture

-Bissell Maple Farm – Pappy & Company Bourbon Barrel-Aged Syrup

-Colonel Pabst – All Malt Amber-Lager Worcestershire Sauce

-Brooklyn Brine Co. – Hop-Pickles

-Nancy Silverton's Nancy's Fancy Gelato – The Manhattan

The Maize Craze

-Kiddylicious – Sweetcorn Rice Rounds

-Off the Cob – Sweet Corn Tortilla Chips

-Pop Art Snacks – Tandoori Yogurt Popcorn

-Pipsnacks – Pipcorn

 Other trends included condiments with Asian flavors, intensely flavored ice creams and frozen desserts, new flavors and forms of jerky and compound butters. Past trends still flexing their power in 2015 were coconut, artisanal sodas, ginger beverages, complex cocktail mixers, vegetables in everything and the continued expansion of gluten-free.