With more consumers craving wholesome, simply prepared foods, Kellogg’s sought inspiration from breakfast tables around the world to deliver its new product line, Kellogg’s Origins.

The new products are a collection of six items including flake-based cereals, granolas and mueslis that combines delicious ingredients, like nuts, grains and fruits. The breakfast products blend European traditions, such as hearty muesli, with the textures of seeds and the distinct flavors of apricots and coconuts. Other products include cereals and granolas with blends of ancient grains—like quinoa, Kanut kjorasan wheat—cranberries and coconut.

The company also recently filed an international patent in the US with the World Intellectual Property Organization for food cup packaging assembly that provides easier stacking and storing of food products. The report says the popular food cups used to carry product such as yogurt, ice cream, juice and cereal are well known.

“The cups typically are sealed with a gas impermeable membrane that can be peeled away when the food is to be accessed. These cups can also have caps that can be used to reseal the cups when desired.”

However, the report says “what is needed is a food cup packaging assembly that provides for easier stacking and storing of food products.”

 “The food packaging assembly is designed such that, while on a store shelf, during transportation, and when they reach the end consumer's home, the packaging containing the food cups can be stacked vertically adjacent by utilizing the nesting engagement,” the report says. “The food packaging assembly allows the food cups to be stacked vertically in any number of units, increases the stability of the packaging assembly stacks, and creates more efficient storage options throughout the distribution chain.”