Packaging designed to keep products fresh plays a crucial role in reducing some of the 1.3 million tons of food that is wasted around the world each year. The awarding-winning SmartTack EZ Peel reseal technology from Bemis Co. extends product shelf life while also providing convenience.

The solution won a silver award at the 2015 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation by demonstrating excellence in the “enhanced user experience.” Bemis recently developed the new BelGioioso Mild Provolone resealable package using DuPont Selar PA and DuPont Bynel. 

The package is made up of two individually sealed compartments that are perforated for easy separation. The unused portion is preserved until opening. In addition, the resealable technology allows the user to peel and effectively close the package 20 or more times with fingertip pressure.

“High-performance materials add value to packaging in many ways, but especially in protecting food and keeping food fresher and more appealing longer,” says Yasmin Siddiqi, global packaging relationship manager for DuPont Packaging. “As the packaging industry converges on this global issue, more and more solutions like this resealable system will be required.”

DuPont Selar PA was selected for improved formability and puncture resistance; Bynel was chosen for its performance as a “tie layer” to help bond dissimilar materials. Judges for the 27th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation say the solution delivers on its promise to provide convenience, value and freshness.

“The BelGioioso Club Store package with Bemis SmartTack EZ Peel reseal technology is a real breakthrough in terms of packaging science and innovation,” says Jane Skelton, a representative of the judging panel. “These club-sized, dual packages can be easily separated for storage and use. And, due to the resealable technology, the cheese stays fresh after multiple openings, avoiding food waste.”

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