Fans of Surge: party like its 1999.

That’s right 90s lovers, the Coca-Cola Company has confirmed its beloved citrus flavored soda is officially back in stores following a year-long pilot on

After a 12-year hiatus, Coca-Cola resumed production of the soda in September last year in part because of a passionate fan base and a grassroots social media campaign to bring the drink back. Originating as a direct competitor of Mountain Dew, Surge debuted in 1996 but was discontinued some six years later after sales began to decline. The original rerelease was a new venture for Coca-Cola and was the first company brand to be marketed and distributed solely through digital media and e-commerce.

The successful pilot launch on Amazon convinced the company to bring back distribution. The soda is now available in select convenience stores and gas stations in 23 states across the Midwest, Southeast and Great Lakes regions, according to Coca-Cola.

 A map directing consumers where they can find Surge in stock can be seen at