OSHA is inviting all interested parties to a discussion about the updated draft Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines on Wednesday, Dec. 9 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the US Department of Labor's Frances Perkins Building in Washington, D.C.

The voluntary guidelines, first published in 1989 to help employers establish their own safety and health programs, are being updated to reflect modern technology and practices. OSHA says the new material will particularly help small- and medium-sized businesses and it will address ways in which multiple employers at the same worksite can coordinate efforts to protect all workers.

“Employers who embrace these guidelines will see fewer worker injuries and illnesses, and their progress in improving the safety culture at their worksites will contribute to higher productivity, reduced costs and greater worker satisfaction,” OSHA says.

The guidelines are advisory only and do not create any new legal obligations or alter existing obligations created by OSHA standards or regulations.