The North American Meat Institute completed an overhaul of its meat and poultry nutrition website, releasing updates that detail the important role these foods play in a healthy and balanced diet. includes a section about key nutrients in meat and poultry, a nutrition quiz where visitors can check their “meat IQ,” a section offering straight talk on controversies, information on buying and preparing meat and poultry and a guide to labels. The site also features a scientific library that organizes topically 120 recent, peer-reviewed, published studies that affirm the safety and nutrition of balanced diets that include meat and poultry.

“This web site is as packed with information as our products are packed with nutrition,” says Barry Carpenter, NAMI president and CEO. “Consumers can rely on this site as a current and easy-to-use resource that showcases the latest scientific information and nutrition guidance. In fact, consumers will likely be surprised to see how many studies detail meat’s nutrition benefits, yet don’t make headlines.”

A special feature on the home page details a dozen reasons why meat and poultry products are important to a healthy diet because they boast benefits like heart health, bone and muscle strength, brain function, blood sugar control and zinc immunity among others.

New features and information will be added to the site in 2016, including new recipes and research.

“We are proud to play a role in nourishing people around the world and this site will help everyone make dietary choices that meet their own nutrition needs,” Carpenter says.