A Utah woman says she found a surprise ingredient while preparing green beans for her church youth group. Upon removing the food from a slow cooker, the Associated Press reported the woman allegedly eyed what appeared to be a “burnt bean” before realizing she was staring at the severed head of a small snake.

Local news agencies report the woman took a picture of the head and can it came in before returning both items to the grocery store the beans were purchased from. A photo of the snake head was sent to the green bean supplier, Oregon-based Western Family, which has since recalled some of its green bean products from stores and launched an investigation, according to Salt Lake City’s FOX affiliate.

“At this point, the product is on hold at the wholesale level. As soon as we know something like this, we stop all shipments until we know what's going on with the foreign material,” Western Family CFO Pete Craven told KSL.com. “Foreign matter is not something we take lightly. We want to know what it is, and we will immediately research and do any level of correction as we can.”