Amid soggy cereal sales across the US, Fruit Loops manufacturer Kellogg’s is hoping consumers follow their nose to the company’s new café in Times Square.

Kellogg’s NYC, the first-ever brick and mortar store for the company, will open its doors July 4 featuring dishes that combine unique, pantry-inspired ingredients with Kellogg’s iconic cereals such as Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops, Mini-Wheats and Honey Smacks. Each cereal bowl creation will cost between $6 to $8, according to Kellogg’s.

To open the restaurant, the company partnered with Anthony Rudolf and Sandra Di Capua of Journee and formerly of Thomas Keller Restaurant Group and Eleven Madison Park respectively. Chef Christina Tosi was also brought on board to develop some of the café's menu items that utilize innovative ingredients such as lime zest, marshmallows and blueberry jam.

“Kellogg's NYC will remind families how fun and delicious cereal is, especially when elevated with creative ingredients,” says Rudolf. “We'll give guests a chance to experience cereal, something they've been connected to their entire lives, in a completely new way.”

Kellogg’s hopes the store will inspire customers to get creative and breathe life back into the once mighty breakfast staple that has taken blows to its reputation in recent years as consumers increasingly scrutinize a product’s value toward their overall health.

In addition to the pre-selected menu items, the all-day menu allows for consumers to create their own bowls and includes evening snacks and ice cream treats. The café will have dine in or carry out options and there are plans to launch a delivery service later in the year. Among Tosi’s creations are items such as Pistachio Lemon—a combination of Kellogg's Special K Original, Kellogg's Frosted Flakes,  pistachios, lemon zest, thyme; and the ice cream based dish You’re Cracklin’ Me Up—featuring Cracklin Oat Bran, dried cranberries, white chocolate and toasted coconut.