Forrest E. Mars Jr., the businessman who together with his siblings shaped and grew Mars. Inc. into the multinational confectionary giant it is today, died on Tuesday. He was 84.

“Forrest was a great inspiration to all of us at Mars, Incorporated,” says Grant F. Reid, CEO and office of the president for Mars. “He was instrumental in building our business, while remaining committed to the founding principles of the Company. Forrest will be sorely missed, but his contributions and the legacy he leaves behind at Mars will be long-lasting.”

Dubbed a visionary by the company he grew, Mars was instrumental in establishing and instilling five principles — quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency and freedom— that continue to guide the company today.

Mars’ grandfather started the company in 1911. Mars and his siblings inherited the company from his father in 1973. As co-president with his brother, Mars increased company sales from $1 billion to $35 billion, helping build the iconic confectionary manufacturer — known for Snickers, Milky Way and M&M’s — into an international brand with 80,000 employees worldwide.