The snapable PET-based technology for yogurt packaging, clikPET, was recognized by the World Dairy Innovation Awards as a finalist in the best dairy packaging innovation category. clikPET is a rigid film with full polystyrene functionality and improved gas and water vapor barrier properties.

Even though the material is PET based, it has the ability to bend and click, enabling consumers to snap individual yogurt cups out of multipacks, which offers convenience and an interactive experience.

The technology offers robust and break-resistant packaging compared to other materials, reducing total breakage rates to very low levels. Due to the material basis, the shelf life of the yogurt can be extended up to 10 days, offering more flexibility to retailers and suppliers and meeting consumers’ needs for fresh and natural ingredients.

“Customers’ needs and wishes such as convenience, freshness and shelf-life extension are top priority for us,” says Stuart Ball, marketing director for packaging and specialties EMEA & Asia at Klöckner Pentaplast.

The barrier properties help reduce food loss during transportation and storage as well as food waste at the consumption level. The technology can be used on major form/fill/seal lines, seals, labels and trays, thus saving costs on converting existing lines.

Ball says clikPET offers brands a way to differentiate their product and add to the consumer’s perception of its value. Moreover, the packaging’s strength aims to reduce the complexity, risk and price volatility in the supply chain.

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