Plastic packaging producer Dairypack Tubs joined forces with Verstraete IML to develop the new Dairymaid ice-cream packaging. The in-mold labelling (IML) packaging offers a seamless design, is compact and allows efficient stacking.

The stacking ability of the new IML packaging has made transport more stable and safer. Thanks to advanced injection molded technology, the packaging weighs 10 percent less, which reduces the ecological footprint. Moreover, the packaging and the IML label are completely recyclable.

“The new IML packaging in 1.8L & 1.5L formats catches your eye on the shelf,” says Joe Kaddoum, IML regional sales manager for Verstraete.”The orange peel IML label covers the majority of the tub and the entire lid.”

He explains that the orange peel is popular for a number of reasons. First, the film is cost-efficient and process-friendly, allowing for a wide variety of branding opportunities. Second, the new design is easy to use, featuring an “open-here” corner. And since the packaging is compact, retailers are able to stack up to 25 percent more, with the containers ability to fit into smaller, more modern freezers.

The packaging has also won two awards, the Worldstar Award 2017 and the Afristar Award 2016.