StackTek may be best known for its applications in the wine industry, but now it’s making its way into the baby food market.

The company has announced a new co-packing partnership with Yumi, the one-of-a-kind, fresh meal delivery service curated by experts for infants and toddlers.

And the StackTek recyclable, shatterproof PET containers are a perfect fit, allowing Yumi to deliver their organic purees and signature blends in single-serve portions, each individually sealed in BPA-free, reusable containers.

StackTek containers are engineered to snap together to form a ‘stack’, and feature high-grade PET and barrier enhancing technology that protects the quality of its contents.

“Since our inception, we’ve known that StackTek was an ideal platform for more than just wine,” says StackTek co-founder, Jodi Ryan. “It’s a great solution for baby food, but we’re also excited to package snacks, candy, and even variety packs that would feature a combination of items.”

Shalay Clements, marketing manager, recently took some time to discuss StackTek, including how the company takes into account sustainability and other possible applications for the packaging technology.

Food Engineering: Tell me a little bit about the StackTek packaging being used for this project and why it was a good fit for the Yumi brand?

Shalay Clements: StackTek is a single-serve container system made out of food grade PET, and engineered to emulate the look and feel of glassware. The containers snap together to form a vertical stack, giving brands the unique opportunity to offer mixed packs of different items in stylish packaging that’s fully customizable and portable.

Yumi needed a packaging solution that would allow them to deliver fresh, organic meals in a way that reflected their standards of innovation and efficiency. Our technology has proven to be an ideal fit for Yumi’s consumer base, with lightweight, shatterproof cups that provide perfectly portioned servings for parents to offer their little ones. Ultimately, both brands share the same ideals of delivering convenience without ever compromising on quality.

Since the packaging is single-serve use, did you take sustainability into account? If so, how?

StackTek packaging can be reused and recycled, which are two of the most effective ways to reduce waste and protect the environment. Once the cups are unsealed and the product is consumed, the possibilities are limitless for how StackTek containers can be repurposed.

People use them to pack snacks, to compartmentalize various ingredients or components of a meal, for storage of small items, or as shatterproof serving ware for beverages, among other things. The containers can then be recycled once the consumer is ready to dispose of them. PET is the number one most commonly recycled material today. 

What other applications do you see this type of packaging being a good fit for?

Throughout years of research and development, we’ve realized that with our flexibility to brand most components of our packaging, the applications can extend far beyond just beverages.

Products that are compatible with StackTek packaging range from wine, juice, and cold brew coffee, to solids such as purees, herbs, and an array of snacks. Our bottling line utilizes a modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) method, which extends the shelf life and ensures maximum freshness of the products packaged within StackTek.

With grab-and-go snacks being popular among today’s busy, health conscious consumers, we’d love to see our packaging utilized for fresh variety packs consisting of items like granola, protein, yogurt, and fruit. It would be great for the busy mom on the go, or the everyday commuter who wants a balanced, portable meal.

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