Germans can buy water in bottles made of 100 percent recycled PET for the first time, KHS Group filling and packaging says.

KHS helped with design and production of the bottles for water sold by the brand called share, which wants to fill about a million a month in 2019. The Berlin startup, which provides a person in need drinking water for a day for each bottle purchased, says using recycled PET will save more than 200 metric tons of plastic waste annually.

During development, subsidiary KHS Corpoplast in Hamburg drew on experience from designing 4,000 bottles through its Bottles & Shapes consultancy.

Using recycled material did not pose any unusual challenges, says Marc Eysel, responsible for Northern Europe sales at KHS Corpoplast. “Manufacture is actually simpler as the material’s darker color makes the preforms easier to heat than PET bottles made of virgin material.”

Still and carbonated water is bottled using the KHS InnoPET Blomax stretch blow molder, with no special adaptations necessary, Eysel says. Other partners working with share are bottler Allgäuer Alpenwasser and preform manufacturer Plastipak.

Interest among beverage producers is growing, and a number of bottlers considering increasing recycled PET have contacted KHS, Eysel says. 

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