Growpacker, a Canadian-based contract manufacturer of THC and CBD-infused edibles and beverages in the U.S., has developed a new proprietary technology used for the emulsification and infusion of THC and or CBD distillate. The technology addresses multiple problems associated with current infusion methods, for example, shelf life instability, which leads to active ingredient degradation over time and inconsistent on- and off-set times.

The new technology addresses and links more than ten parameters to work together in a single seamless process, including an anti-adhesion molecular structure that ensures THC and CBD will not adhere to the inner liner of packaging. Other key parameters include bitter blockers, scent blockers, color stabilizers, an organic carrier method, a new absorption method, molecular binding process, new on- and off-set techniques and other trade-secret processes—all of which are adaptable to large-scale manufacturing where consistency is key.

“Growpacker has been rapidly and consistently adding to its portfolio of problem-solving IP for cannabis and CBD companies, and this new emulsification and infusion technology streamlines the manufacturing process even further,” says Stephen Boyd, CEO of Growpacker. “Our commitment to innovation is a top priority and we will continue to be a technology and science driven-cannabis company."

The contract manufacturer produces THC-infused beverages including still and sparkling waters, sparkling flavored waters, teas, cold-brewed coffees, vitamin waters, lemonades and de-alcoholized and infused beers, wines and spirits. Examples of THC-infused products include caramels, gummies, hard candies, cookies, brownies, muffins, cupcakes and chocolate bars. CBD-infused products range from lotions and creams to sprays, balms, sunscreens, personal lubricants and cosmetics.

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