Company: Orange Photonics


Equipment Snapshot: The LightLab 3 high-performance liquid chromatography-based (HPLC) analyzer can measure 11 cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, in cannabis plants and products down to a detection threshold of 0.05 percent.

“The enhanced LightLab 3 platform delivers a level of resolution that was previously only obtainable with a high-end bench-top analyzer,” says Dylan Wilks, CTO, Orange Photonics. “The chromatographic resolution, combined with sophisticated analytics, means not only does LightLab match the accuracy of laboratory-based HPLC instruments, it can also measure just as many cannabinoids. Unlike a laboratory instrument, LightLab uses a simple sample prep and easy user interface which means a non-technical user can produce accurate cannabinoid measurements in a non-lab setting.”

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In addition to seven standard cannabinoids and total terpenes, LightLab’s optional Minors Module measures CBN-A, CBC-A, CBC and delta-6a,10a-THC, four rare cannabinoids valued by those pursuing additional product differentiation.

LightLab’s intuitive touchscreen interface relays step-by-step instructions allowing users to accurately determine cannabinoid content in a plant or plant-derived product in under eleven minutes. Rugged and portable, LightLab weighs just 13.5 lbs. and has an eight-hour battery life.