EcoCortec®, part of Cortec® Corporation, is pleased to announce the official release of EcoShrink™ Compostable Film, a commercially compostable alternative to common plastic shrink wraps for use in industrial packaging applications.

EcoShrink takes both the beginning and the end of the shrink wrap product life cycle into account. The new film is sourced from certified commercially compostable resins and contains 45% biopolymers. After use, EcoShrink can be disposed of in a commercial composting environment. It is shelf and curb stable and will retain its integrity until disposed of properly. The film meets ASTM D6400 standard for commercial composting. 

EcoShrink is designed for standard heat-shrinking applications. Users can shrink wrap their small or large components as normal to conform to the shape of the object. The film is available in 2 or 4 mil (50 or 100 µm) thicknesses and as single wound or centerfold sheeting in widths of 18” (45.72 cm) or 36” (91.44 cm).