Lunchskins™ has launched Lunchskins Bags + Straws Plastic-Free Starter Kit, a new addition to the brand’s paper line in Target nationwide. Given the increased plastic consumption and pollution during the pandemic, this kit is well-timed featuring 25 Recyclable + Sealable Paper Sandwich Bags and 25 Long-Lasting Biodegradable Paper Straws. All of Lunchskins' paper products are made from pure wood pulp that is FSC-Certified (FSC® C163845).

"We are thrilled to launch our new Plastic-Free Starter Kit with Target, for Back-to-School. Consumers are looking for products that do good for people and the planet. Target understands the need to offer affordable, high-quality sustainably-minded products like Lunchskins™," said Kirsten Quigley, CEO and Founder of Lunchskins. 

The convenient quantity and affordability support the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. As people resume their active lifestyles at work, school, travel, and on-the-go, Lunchskins Bags + Straws Plastic-Free Starter Kit is an easy choice for anyone looking to reduce their plastic footprint. Retails at $6.99.