Triminator, a leading manufacturer of hemp and cannabis processing equipment, introduces the Triminator Hybrid: a "semi-dry" trimmer that improves processing methods and speed.

The Triminator Hybrid enables cultivators to trim their crops when the plants are semi-dry, in addition to when they are fully dry or freshly harvested (wet). Semi-dry trimming yields the same high-quality results as dry trimming, yet offers the convenience of trimming the plants when they still have a higher moisture content.

Additionally, the new trimmer processes material at twice the speed of similarly priced machines.

"Semi-dry trimming preserves terpenes and color like dry trimming," says Dana Mosman, founder of Triminator. "The advantage is the flowers aren't brittle and delicate like when they're fully dry."

"With semi-dry trimming, you can use a mechanical bucker to remove the flowers like you would when wet trimming, and there's less trichome detachment. So the overall speed of the process is increased, while retaining the quality we've come to love with dry trimming."

Using the semi-dry trimming technique, cultivators dry their plants until the moisture content drops to 15-20%, then separate the flowers from the stalks using a mechanical bucker. They then trim with the Triminator Hybrid at a rate of up to 20 pounds per hour semi-dry and dry the flowers until they are down to 10-11% moisture content.

"The Triminator Hybrid features trickle-down technologies from our other machines that cost three times more," says Mosman. For instance, the vacuum system collects trimmings without forcing the material through an impeller fan. This no-contact system improves trim quality, which results in better extracts. The system is a standard feature on the new machine.

The Triminator Hybrid allows cultivators to trim at all moisture levels by allowing more control of the tumbler, vacuum, and helical blade speed, all of which are fully adjustable. Finally, unlike any other trimmer in its class, the Triminator Hybrid has a flexible  system. The fixed knife contours to the helical cutting blade, creating a scissor-like cut and the most precise trim in the industry.

About Triminator

Founded in 2010, Triminator builds industry-leading cannabis and hemp harvesting equipment for professional growers. Triminator's mission is to to help growers increase productivity and profitability in the rapidly evolving cannabis market.