Continuous Processors (CP) feature a double clamshell barrel design (optional) that has full access to the interior screw and paddle assembly for easy cleaning without requiring entry into a confined space. The CP safeguards workers from exposure to the potentially hazardous situations while eliminating concern for compliance with OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.146 regulating permit-required confined space entry. Suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, food and more, the CP is ideal for specification in hazardous material processes where cleaning needs to be performed without human contact, without exposure to dangerous fumes, and/or where thick materials may harden onto the machine's interior. The Readco CP is engineered with a self-wiping action that automatically prevents material buildup inside the barrel and discharges nearly 100% of material in process as homogeneous product. The CP integrates mixing, blending, reacting, compounding, crystallizing, encapsulating and/or other processes with multiple liquid, dry and viscous materials in a single step.