Nature Fresh Farms' Director of Business Development, Ray Wowryk, is the recipient of this year’s OPMA (Ontario Produce Marketing Association) Lifetime Achievement Award.

According to OPMA’s website, the award is given to an individual that has over many years demonstrated untiring efforts to improve the quality and distribution of fruits and vegetables marketed within or outside the province of Ontario through innovation, cooperation, and hard work.

Every year four prestigious awards are presented at the OPMA Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony. However, this year the awards were again announced virtually during OPMA’s virtual Gala on December 2nd. 

“Its an honor to present this well-deserved Lifetime Achievement award to Ray. He has dedicated his life to the produce industry and although it is a small token of appreciation, it is meaningful to him,” says Sales Director, Matt Quiring. “When Ray joined us at Nature Fresh Farms about 10 years ago, we didn’t think he would want to stay so involved on a day-to-day basis, but I know now that he will continue to be involved as long as he is – in his words – continuing to have fun. A big congratulations to my friend and mentor Ray Wowryk.”

Ray Wowryk is recognized as an incredible leader and mentor not only within Nature Fresh Farms but across the produce industry. Having been a part of the industry over the past 45 years, Ray has worked in every level of produce from warehouse-labor to sales and procurement, to fresh imports and exports. Committing countless volunteer hours and being a prominent member of various organizations demonstrates that produce is not a career for Ray but a passion that extends outside of his profession.

“I have been fortunate to have enjoyed such a long career within an industry that has provided me several opportunities. I would like to thank the OPMA Management and Directors for this lifetime achievement recognition. I feel honored to join past recipients who have contributed a great deal to promote the Ontario fresh produce industry,” expressed Ray. “I also want to thank Peter Quiring who gave me the opportunity join the Nature Fresh Farms team to help expand his production and promote the consumption of greenhouse grown vegetables. The innovation, company culture and passionate management team is what I enjoy the most. Thank you to my team at Nature Fresh Farms Sales for the nomination.”