The newly engineered Kemutec Gardner L Series 50L Horizontal Ribbon Mixer is perfect for pilot research, process development and small-scale production. They are designed for the rapid and efficient blending of powders and granular materials and feature a full-length top cover opening for maximum access. The interrupted spiral ribbon agitator removes easily for cleaning and hygiene. They also can be fitted with an extensive range of Mucon outlet valves for controlled flow from the mixer. The L Series mixers are available in a variety of sizes from 35L to 400L (1-1/4 cu. ft. to 14 cu. ft.) and constructed in either carbon steel or stainless steel depending on the application. All L Series mixers feature a U-shape trough and are cantilevered to facilitate unobstructed access to the outlet. The drive end plate is continuously welded while the non-drive end plate is easily removed to enable agitator cleaning.