Caddo Mountain Spring Water is working with RPPY Architects to design a 140,000-square-foot premium water bottling facility—expandable to 200,000+ square feet—at its spring/artesian source water property in Arkansas. 

The facility will incorporate the latest energy-saving and eco-friendly sustainability features and will utilize the company's own ground-mounted Solar Array Farm-generated electricity. Economic incentives have been awarded to the company by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and others. It will contribute to the economic development of area communities and the welfare of its citizens in one of the poorest counties of Arkansas. 

The Bottling Facility on Caddo's source water tract will be situated in the Caddo River Valley. The spring-fed Caddo River flows through the precipitous forested Caddo Mountains of Arkansas. Thousands of acres of U.S. Forest Lands abut the company's property on its upgradient north and south, affording it natural water protection from contamination. In fact, Arkansas State Highway 8 that traverses the Caddo property is a U.S. National Forest Service-designated Scenic By-Way.  

Barry Davidson, CEO/founder of Caddo, says, "We want to interact with people about our great water and its sustainability. We are proud of all our source water tract metrics. Our property's outstanding attributes are difficult, if not impossible, to replicate. Caddo's source water location and unsurpassed quality water go hand in hand. Our resource metrics were a major factor in our decision to put in motion a U.S. advanced manufacturing facility. We are trying to push the envelope on all water. In fact, we believe the FDA should mandate rules requiring a Standard of Identity for all bottled waters. Consumers want and deserve to know where each bottle of water they drink comes from and what contaminates are in it. There is no pure water on the planet. 'Purified water' is a bit of the bottled water industry's marketing play on words. A Standard of Identity FDA rule for bottled water is a prerequisite of best practices in solid blockchain-health related business logic."