Talia di Napoli, the first of its kind pizza company shipping Neapolitan pies from Italy to your door, is re-launching one of their fan-favorite pies, the Double Cheese Margherita. After a hugely successful limited-edition launch, Double Cheese Margherita will be a permanent offering from Talia di Napoli. 

Talia di Napoli’s retail availability has also expanded to Yes! Market and Metropolitan Market, in addition to Whole Foods, Decicco & Sons, Fresh Market, Foxtrot, Good Earth, and Tony’s Market. This marks Talia’s first venture into D.C. and Seattle, respectively, with plans to expand its brick-and-mortar retail footprint in the coming months.

Talia di Napoli handcrafts and ships fresh, Neapolitan pies from Naples, Italy, to the U.S. Using time-honored traditions, high quality ingredients, and a patented flash-freezing process. After emerging from the wood-fired oven, each pizza is immediately “put to sleep” to ensure peak freshness. Instead of water (which is commonly used to flash-freeze but can dampen food, cause freezer burn and require preservatives), the team uses liquid nitrogen to allow for the freshest flavors and aromas to take center stage. Talia di Napoli is the only company in the world making Neapolitan pizza with this method.