Designed to transfer contamination-sensitive bulk solid materials from intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) to downstream processes, dust-free, the system’s discharger frame is mounted on casters for in-plant mobility. A hinged subframe supporting a surge hopper, flexible screw conveyor and support mast can pivot down for maneuvering through doorways and low-headroom areas. The IBC frame is forklifted onto receiving cups, which position the IBC outlet onto the surge hopper inlet. Material flowing from the IBC into the charging adapter of a flexible screw conveyor is propelled at an incline, and discharged into elevated process equipment and storage vessels. The conveyor handles a range of free- and non-free-flowing bulk solids, ranging from pellets to sub-micron powders with no separation of blended products. The flexible screw is the only moving part contacting material, and is driven by an electric motor positioned beyond the discharge point, preventing material contact with seals. 

Flexicon Corporation