Talon International announced the launch of anti-counterfeit and consumer engagement technology, StegVision. The technology functions off an app that's designed to help businesses and consumers combat counterfeit products across all industries and create powerful engagement(s) with consumers.

By combining AI, machine learning, computer vision and steganography, StegVision encodes invisible unique labels or markings for brands and products. Algorithms are placed within the label design that only StegVision's app can see. By giving each brand or product its own unique invisible markings, StegVision prevents fake products and counterfeit items from easily entering the market and being sold as originals.

Larry Dyne, CEO of Talon, says, "Counterfeit products and difficulties with product authentication cause many businesses unmanageable losses. Furthermore, customers need to have confidence in the retailer they're buying from. Should they discover a brand selling counterfeit products, their perception of that company would change drastically, and they would be unlikely to make a purchase. Now, with StegVision, consumers can buy with certainty, and brands can protect their products from counterfeiting."

StegVision anti-counterfeiting solutions reportedly require no changes to the clients existing artwork, logo or design. There's no need for tags, QR codes or printing methods: production processes can stay as they are.

StegVision also aims to open a new marketing communications channel, giving brands direct access to engaged consumers and empowering brands to interact with consumers instantly.

It has become much easier to produce and distribute counterfeit products. The rise in internet shopping and international shipping has created a global network of fakes. StegVision gives brands control over their distribution network and provides a direct connection to retailers and customers.