Hardee's announced that is is working with Nashville-based brewery, Southern Grist Brewing Co. to turn its biscuits into a golden liquid form, a first for the quick service restaurant industry, as an ingredient in the soon-to-be launched Strawberry Biscuit Ale, available from Southern Grist for a limited time beginning Sept. 1.

Infused with 200 lbs. of biscuits, the cream ale incorporates hints of strawberry jam and buttermilk. The companies say that creating a biscuit beer was no simple task and required months of planning and trial runs by Southern Grist to find the perfect mix of biscuits, strawberry puree, grain, hops, yeast and water.

"When we came up with the idea for a Hardee's Biscuit Beer, only one brewery came to mind to bring the idea to life—Southern Grist," says CKE Restaurants VP of Global Culinary Innovation Owen Klein. "They approach brewing with the same mad scientist mentality that we use for our new menu launches and know how to deliver on flavor. After a few rounds of testing, Southern Grist nailed it. An amazing crushable beer with subtle notes of fresh-baked biscuits, buttermilk, and strawberry jelly. All it took was a few hundred pounds of Made From Scratch Biscuits."

Strawberry Biscuit Ale will only be available at the Southern Grist Brewing Co. Taproom in Nashville, Tenn. and via shipping by Southern Grist in select markets nationwide to residents aged 21+.