Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery is debuting its new 12-pocket compact rotary filler, designed for nutraceutical gummies, at Pack Expo International 2022. The company states the machine maintains the main features of its high-speed rotary and quick changeover components, such as, magnetic funnels that do not require fasteners and tool-less change parts.

Compared to Spee-Dee’s intermediate inline systems and high-speed rotary, the new version is stated to be a mid-range solution that reaches speeds up to 70 bottles per minute. The machine is made for glass, paperboard or plastic containers and integrates with a single discharge multihead-weigher or electronic counter. Spee-Dee states the compact design saves floor space while doubling speeds of a standard inline system.

“The introduction of the compact rotary filler is an important milestone for our company,” said Mark Navin, vice president of sales at Spee-Dee. “We’re happy to offer this innovation to better serve our customers and their ever-changing needs.”

A single line conveyor supplies the empty containers to the machine and are pushed by line pressure into the servo-driven main turret. The adapters on the bottom of the transfer funnels then seal the container. Spee-Dee’s compact system uses a multihead-weigher or electric counter to dispense gummies into the fill buckets of the patented streaming system. A bottom rail vibration system is radiused around the turret to ensure the product settles properly in the container.

Spee-Dee’s compact rotary comes standard with a HMI and PLC which is capable of controlling both the weigher and counter, as well as providing permissive inputs on the PLC for up-stream and down-stream equipment. The machine utilizes optic detection to negate filling inconsistencies and missing containers.