Abstinence Spirits announced that it has officially launched its line of six non-alcoholic spirits and aperitifs in the United States. The company states that the products are designed to be mixed into zero to low ABV cocktails.

The company states that its products are produced in small batches through a hydro-distillation process. Abstinence Spirit’s South African influence can be seen through the brand’s flavors and packaging artwork from the flora of South Africa’s Cape Floral Kingdom. It also reportedly commits a portion of its sales to environmental conversation efforts to protect the biodiversity of the region.

The product line consists of four non-alcoholic spirits and two aperitifs, all of which are available to U.S. customers. The products include three signature Cape Spirits that highlight rounded botanical profiles; Cape Citrus, Cape Floral and Cape Spice. The Aperitifs flavors are Blood Orange Aperitif and Lemon Aperitif that features sweetness, bitterness and herbal notes. Last, Epilogue X features a malty, smoky profile with the brand's signature South African botanicals.