SAIREM announced new systems to produce ready-fresh meals.

Its MW and RF systems are designed to optimize the tempering, cooking and pasteurization of all kinds of raw and processed foods, including delicate ingredients such as fish. The use of microwaves is a thermal process designed to heat homogeneously, eliminate cold spots and enable precise temperature control aiming to increase yield and improve the nutritional quality of the food. Additionally, the speed of the process coupled with the right temperature settings reportedly limit bacterial growth. 

SAIREM’s new generation of pasteurization tunnels are reportedly suitable for all types of ready meals or single components. Depending on the ingredients and the customer’s process, the tunnel can either pasteurize only, or cook and pasteurize at the same time. The latter is more suitable for fish and seafood as it has short cooking times. However, all food options—meat, seafood, fish, vegetarian, vegan and alternative proteinscan be processed, according to the company. The company adds that the more sensitive the ingredient, the better MW technology is suited to it. The tunnel pasteurizes at a maximum temperature of 95-100°C depending on the product. 

SAIREM says its tunnels process all types of trays no matter the size or the compositionplastic, glass or paper based. The filled trays are sealed with or without gas and the system can also be used for thermoformed packs and pouches. No packaging valves are necessary, resulting in a good-looking meal without vacuum, according to the company.

Standardized tunnels as well as custom-made machines in accordance with customer requirements are offered.