Piab has developed a larger version of its piCOBOT—the piCOBOT L with a 35-lb. lifting capacity. The company states that the new version of its vacuum pump unit is geared toward e-commerce, logistics, warehouse applications and lifting heavier items in production. piCOBOT L was built with the same technology platform as its earlier model, featuring a vacuum pump unit and optional gripper unit.

The vacuum pump unit is reportedly scalable and can be equipped with the newest COAX cartridge. Piab states that its new unit offers higher vacuum performance—enabling fast movement when lifting heavier items—that is suitable for increased productivity in packaging, palletizing, part assembly or machine tending. Piab states that with the product’s high-vacuum-flow, the optional Kenos foam grippers are enabled to lift a range of small and large objects simultaneously. The platform is customizable for end-effectors from either Piab, customers or system integrators. The vacuum connection is located at the bottom of the pump, so no extra cabling is required when attaching a different gripper unit.

Piab’s piCOBOT L is integrated with an automatic tool-changer and docking station and is able to be equipped with a lever to lock and unlock the adaptor plate of the end-effector. The company states the lever can be opened and closed automatically by the docking station to remove and replace a gripping unit without human interference. Alternatively, the gripper also allows switches of end-effectors at the tool-changer manually.