Alex Snodgrass of The Defined Dish food and lifestyle blog now presents her own collection of multipurpose dressings called SideDish. Snodgrass states that her inspiration for the dressings are to make meal-time more enjoyable, nutritious and easy to prepare. The collection comes in three varieties; chipotle ranch, creamy sesame and honey Dijon. SideDish states that the collection can be used aa dip, marinade, dressing and more.

The flavors chipotle ranch and creamy sesame are Whole30 approved, and all of SideDish’s dressings are currently dairy-free, paleo-friendly, preservative-free and have zero added sugar. The products are currently available for pre-order on its website in 3-packs for $28.85 and will reportedly be coming to select retailers in the future.

Snodgrass developed SideDish reportedly from her social media brand and community following, as well as her success in publishing two New York Times bestselling cookbooks over the years. Snodgrass explains that her mission is to provide home-cooks and opportunity to reduce the intimidation that can come from preparing nutritious meals at home.