ADP Inc. has launched a survey solution to help employers collect employment feedback and sentiment from start-date to end-date of an individual’s employment. The survey, created by ADP Research Institute, is called Voice of the Employee and it is intended to help employers make more informed decisions based on those insights.

ADP reports that today’s employers face growing challenges to maintaining engagement and productivity among their employees. ADP Research states that weekly connections between leaders and their workers can increase the likelihood of engagement by 3.8 times.

"It's never been more important to create a workplace where employees feel valued and connected to their work—and doing that starts with listening to what they have to say," says Aaron Smith, SVP of global products and user experience, ADP. "Employee surveys are easy to create, but hard to get right. We designed Voice of the Employee to deliver reliable data that is more predictive of employee behaviors, so leadership can analyze results with confidence and focus on designing a workplace that meets the needs of the people in it."

The app extension is powered by DataCloud analytics technology. Voice of the Employee has customizable templates that can be configured to fit the specific topics necessary to employment. These topics include employee engagement and resilience, HR experience, new hire onboarding and candidate experience, benefits satisfaction and employee exit. ADP reports that these features can be accessed natively with its HCM platforms to build and maintain access to HR data, the ability to build and maintain survey audience lists and send surveys automatically.