Rockwell Automation, Inc. has announced the launch of the FactoryTalk Optix portfolio. Industrial organizations are now able to utilize components designed for the development and programming of industrial applications. The company states that it enables teams to build versatile HMI solutions that meet varied customer requirements and adapt to changing needs and future technologies. FactoryTalk Optix portfolio provides an open architecture along with options for design, deployment, connectivity and extensibility that enable users to create applications.

According to Brian Shepherd, senior vice president of Software & Control at Rockwell Automation, the company’s cloud-based solutions will increase productivity with new ways to overcome software limitations, improve multi-user collaboration and support workflows. The FactoryTalk Optix portfolio includes Rockwell Automation’s HMI platform and remote access software, embedded edge compute modules, a wide range of deployment options, flexibility, pre-built libraries and object-orient design.

The new software portfolio reportedly allows users to choose their technology mix. New customers can use visualization software to design HMI applications that can natively work and display on Rockwell Automation and third-party controllers. Users can connect to various third-party software, devices or systems using Rockwell's interoperability and full OPC UA support without paying for unnecessary features with its capability-based runtime licensing.

FactoryTalk Optix portfolio includes:

  • FactoryTalk Optix Software—an HMI visualization platform that users can access from their browser or download to their computer. It features multi-user collaboration, web-based design and test and integrated version control.
  • OptixPanel—graphic terminals that are sealed HMI appliances that come pre-loaded with FactoryTalk Optix and FactoryTalk Remote Access software licenses.
  • FactoryTalk Remote Access solution—enables secure connections to equipment, allowing tems to respond to and resolve production issues from anywhere. It connects domain experts to critical issues.
  • ASEM 6300 Industrial PC—PCs available in box and panel form for customization.
  • Embedded Edge Compute Module—builds on Rockwell Automation’s history of enabling PC or compute functionality with the power of Logix. This Edge solution provides scalability and remote support functions to the workforce. It enables FactoryTalk Optix software and provides a communication path to REST API, OPC UA and MQTT to meet the needs of various applications.