Pyure has introduced a purification solution for major meat processing facilities to safely reduce elevated microbial levels by reducing microorganisms in the air and on surfaces. Pyure states that its technology can reduce plant downtime, cleaning costs and the possibility of food recalls. The company also states it can contribute to better indoor air quality for workers and customers.

Pyure Dynamic Protection for the food Industry improves and maintains the indoor air environment, which results in improved food safety and employee health. The company’s new product can safely cleanse the entire meat treatment area—including in-air and on-surface—by reducing microbial contamination from pathogens including bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus. According to Pyure, companies utilizing its Dynamic Protection can reportedly decrease production downtime, cleaning costs, risk of recalls and potential reputational damage in food processing. 

Pyure’s most recent installation of their Dynamic Protection in a large U.S. meat processing facility treated a production area of approximately 30,000–sq.–ft. and resulted in over a 90% reduction in microorganisms detected through scheduled swabs and Petri dish testing.

In addition to reducing microorganisms, Pyure’s solution removes odors and breaks down VOC, resulting in the facility’s employees reporting a fresher indoor-air environment. The meat processing facility has discontinued its reliance on supplemental third-party sanitation services, eliminated unscheduled sanitation shutdowns caused by elevated microbial counts, and reduced the frequency of air duct cleaning.

In addition to reducing costs related to cleaning the facility, the company’s customer has estimated that it will gain 10 additional production days per year. Pyure also notes that the customer has experienced zero recalls since implementation, which translates into savings in direct costs while safeguarding the company's reputation.