With Thanksgiving drawing near, Angry Orchard partnered with Brooklyn-based pie shop Four & Twenty Blackbirds and launched a limited-edition Boozy Baked Apple Pies made with Angry Orchard’s recent fall cider, Natural Baked Apple Pie Hard Cider.

Its new cider launched this fall in the brand’s Fall Haul Variety Pack will be incorporated directly into each pie for an interesting combination of an alcoholic bakery treat. Angry Orchard’s newest fall flavored hard cider invites notes of apples and vanilla ice cream, nutmeg and a buttery baked flavor into Four & Twenty Blackbirds specialty-made made pie.

The bakery’s classic lightly spiced baked apple pie with both Empire and Joannamac apples grown on the Angry Orchard in Hudson Valley. The hard cider is incorporated into a caramel sauce that cover the top of the pie with a buttery oat crumble on top. The Boozy Baked Apple Pies are currently available nationwide delivery through the Four & Twenty Blackbirds website, priced at $44.00—with free shipping.