A new flexible screw conveyor has been released by Automated Flexible Conveyor (AFC); the SPIRALFEEDER Push Unit. The ACF Push Unit sets the drive mechanism at floor level at the hopper rather than at the discharge to invite easy access to the electric motor and gear-box without requiring a ladder, mezzanine or other lifting device.

The company states that the new Push Unit meets OSHA Standard 1910.23. The conveyor unit can be utilized in food, nutrition, chemical and other facilities with low ceilings. The SPIRALFEEDER Push Unit automatically transfers powders, pellets and other dry, bulk materials from the hopper to discharge via a screw auger that rotates inside of an enclosed tube.

The company states the floor-level drive mechanism creates a gentle pushing effect on the material rather than pulling—which is used in traditional screw conveyors—to deliver a smooth transfer with added mobility.