Multi-Conveyor has built a 9ft. x 24in. sanitary food-grade stainless steel wire belt conveyor with a pivoting discharge end. The pivot is used to dump batches of rejected bakery product from moving down the line. The company states that this section was engineered to be easily retrofitted into the customer’s current production layout.

A pneumatic AOB (air operated box) enclosure houses the controls for air-actuated reject to pivot in the up or down position. A manual override selector switch is also built-in so the operator can pivot the discharge on demand. This electrical enclosure will be mounted remotely for operators to easily select the required override feature automatic or manual.

The company also included a wash-down system that features ground and polished welds throughout welded internal frame, spacers and sanitary floor supports. Each of the bosses are welded and self-ground to a certain radius. There are no lock washers. All in place, spaced off connecting plates are placed between each section so nothing with gather inside of the conveyor.

Bearing caps keep grease from gathering inside and clean-out holes are included so when the conveyor is cleaned, water is able to be sprayed inside. Its open mesh top allows for it to be sprayed all the way through. Lastly, Multi-Conveyor's included safety features include clean-out holes designed to prevent fingers or limbs from getting inside by using a sanitary, removable, finger guard.