Multi-Conveyor has announced they will attend Pack Expo, Las Vegas in booth C-1718. The company will have multiple conveyor technologies on display with the claim of reviewing all of them in less than 30 seconds. The booth theme, “give us 30 seconds,” goes hand-in-hand with its touchless ‘scan-and-go’ technology downloads and 25-second “everything we make” video.

Running on the show floor will be many conveyors and solutions. One conveyor loop to be showcased is a culmination of Muli-Conveyor’s core product offerings:

  • Product bump turn conveyor for 90-degree rotation section
  • Plastic chain table-style-top conveyor section
  • Plastic belt mat-style-top conveyor section
  • Dual belt product turner
  • LBP (low back pressure) transitions
  • ARB (Activated Roller Belt) facilitating merge, sort, divert, transfer or change product direction
  • PanelView Plus touchscreen conveyor controls

Separately running will be modular, pre-engineering solutions including:

  • Slim-fit pre-engineered, toolless, super sanitary, low-profile transfer conveyors
  • Success Line modular, quick-ship, economical “workhorse” conveyors for 24/7 everyday use

Two new conveyor technologies never yet seen in Las Vegas include:

  • Rotary Accumulation Table for continuous 36”, 48” and 60” diameter accumulative rotation or unscrambling
Cleated Incline (& Declines) control product when elevating up for lowering down without slips and slides.