JLS Automation announced that it will showcase its flexible Hawk case and tray loader at PACK EXPO 2023 in Las Vegas.

The Hawk is compact in design and offers a robotic top-load solution for the food and beverage industries. With a small footprint, the Hawk reportedly maximizes existing production floor space. Along with standard case and tray loading, the Hawk works well with flow-wrapped or bagged products, trays, bars, clam shells, bottles, cans and additional formats.

Stainless steel construction and three levels of wash-down protection are available. Adding to its flexibility, tool-less changeover allows recipe changes to occur in less than a minute, providing greater uptime and production, states JLS. A cantilevered design allows for easy integration into current packaging lines with existing conveyance but also allows for new installations. Infeed variations is tailorable to product type.

This robust solution is easy to operate, maintain and keep running over time. With custom tooling, the Hawk can reportedly handle a variety of primary and secondary packages. As an added feature, corrugated or paperboard divider inserts can also be loaded for layering, with or without support flanges. A vertical packaging solution is also available.