Hungry Jack recently launched its new updated packaging design along with other branding and products upgrades. The company’s pancake mixes are now made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives which lends well with the new look for all of its pancake and waffle products.

The changes include dry mixes, frozen pancakes and microwaveable syrup bottles that feature what the company states is a, “bolder and more modern design.” The modernization of the packaging is intended to market to consumers today while continuing with its classic colors and look.

It also makes sure to distinctly highlight that its pancake and waffle dry mixes are now made with no artificial colors or preservatives. The new packaging is currently on its way to retailers now. "The more modern packaging provides a greater shelf presence and the 'made without' product benefits featured prominently will ensure our place at the table for many years to come," comments Dan Anglemyer, chief of operations at Hungry Jack.