Amcor has announced that it is investing $250,000 into the smart, reusable food packaging startup, circolution. It is the third winner of Amcor’s Lift-Off initiative that was launched in April, 2022. Amcor’s Lift-Off initiative targets packaging technologies that will further advance its goal of making packaging more sustainable.

Circolution is a German packaging company that was founded in 2019. The company builds on Germany’s existing bottle-deposit system by offering consumer brands a pay-per-cycle service. Reportedly, the company's service reduces the carbon footprint per manufacturing cycle instead of standard single-use packaging. Amcor states that circolution provides a complete circular service with reusable packaging, reverse logistics, data analytics and impact measurement. The company’s “packaging as a service” requires no upfront investment and is designed to be fully compatible with existing supply chain and scaled operation standards, states Amcor.

Currently, Amcor is working to provide the sealing solution for circolution’s first product for the coffee, cacao and powder sector that uses Amcor’s AmFoil AluFix peelable can lidding. Alessandro Marchiaro, co-founder, financing and big data, at circolution says, "We are very happy to win Amcor as the first ticket in our funding round. After having successfully launched in 2022, and begun to scale-up our operations, Amcor's expertise and funding will be invaluable. We're excited to take this important step."

Earlier this year, Amcor announced seed-funding for Nfinite Nanotechnology and Bloom Biorenewables Ltd. Amcor also states that further investments are expected to be announced in the coming months.