EverGrain, AB InBev’s sustainable ingredient business, has launched two products that use EverPro, the company's commercially available barley protein made from upcycled brewer’s spent grain (BSG). 

EverPro original and EverPro clear were introduced at the Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim, California (Booth #5119).

The company says that both versions of the RTM protein powders were developed to fill a major void in the $14B sports1 nutrition beverage category for high performing/elite athletes who seek to get their nutrients from plant-based sources.  

EverPro Original is the first and only commercially available upcycled barley protein on the market, according to EverGrain. The company notes it has high:

  • Solubility and viscosity that eliminates the thickness, grittiness and bitterness typical of protein powders
  • Bioavailability, digestibility and speed of absorption
  • Compatibility with other proteins for innovation
  • Quality and quantity of essential amino acids needed for optimal muscle build, growth and recovery

EverPro Clear is a first-of-its-kind protein ingredient that will take hydration innovation to the next level, according to EverGrain. An evolution of EverPro Original, Clear is lighter in color while still delivering on what the company says are core benefits that give it a competitive advantage, including:

  • Clean, quality nutrition at 20g protein per serving
  • Mild taste2 that enables the higher protein content, where others in the category max out at 10g per serving, as well as a full spectrum of flavor profiles, including those that are fruit forward
  • Completely soluble in almost every type of beverage, including RTM hydration sticks, refreshing powdered drinks and clear protein shakes
  • Made from Upcycled Certified barley

EverGrain CEO Gregory Belt says while sports nutrition is the strongest marketplace opportunity for EverPro right now because of the void in great tasting, high-quality plant proteins—the innovation potential for food and beverage is limitless.  

“EverGrain is redefining what plant proteins can do,” says Belt. “We have scientific evidence of EverPro’s health and nutrition benefits, an R&D team that is tirelessly pursuing how to integrate the ingredient into current production and manufacturing systems and the ability to upcycle BSG at scale which addresses the very real supply chain and climate challenges food and beverage companies face today.” 

Later this year EverGrain will introduce new ingredient offerings, brand collaborations and nutrition science.

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