Sea Salt Caramel Milk and Coconut Key Lime Pie Chia Seed Yogurt were named the two winners of the International Dairy Foods Association’s Innovative Milk and Cultured Dairy Products Contest last week.

Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc. took home the award for most innovative product with its Sea Salt Caramel Milk—a specialty milk that combines buttery caramel flavor with a touch of sea salt. Coconut Key Lime Pie Chia Seed Yogurt won the most innovative prototype product or flavor category; it was submitted by Fruitcrown Products Corporation.

“There was great enthusiasm among the judges to taste the innovative products and flavors created by their peers in the industry,” says John Allan, IDFA vice president for regulatory affairs and international standards. “How consumer demand for new and exciting eating experiences is driving innovation was a theme that cropped up in many of the unique presentations throughout the conference.”