Renegade Foods announced the launch of its shelf-stable vegan slamis that can be store, shipped and merchandised without refrigeration. According to the company, this marks the first of this kind in the vegan culinary world as currently only animal-meat salami can be stored on the shelf.

Honoring its centuries-old European traditions, Renegade utilizes wholesome organic ingredients and traditional meat preservation techniques to ensure that flavors and textures are created naturally and with minimal processing. "Shelf-stable is a game changer for our business, our customers and the category," said Iona Campbell, CEO and co-founder of Renegade Foods. She states that the company is able to decrease its environmental impact by reducing its packaging by over 80% and removing the need for cold storage.

According to Campbell, the guiding principal for creating shelf stability is maintaining flavors from whole food ingredients and spices without flavor additives, preservatives or over-processing. "Our tools are the traditional tools of food artisans used over centuries – fermentation, smoking and quality ingredients," said Campbell. With those processes, the company created a plant-based meat product that not only is shelf stable, but also has 18 g. of protein and a third of the fat of animal salamis.