Daiya has announced a multi-million-dollar investment in fermentation technology that will enable it to create a plant-based cheese that is reportedly tastier, meltier and stretchier than any other on the market. The investment is expected see the company lead the marketplace with a traditional fermented plant-based cheese across its portfolio.

By combining traditional cheese-making methods with modern technology, Daiya is making a plant-based cheese with similar characteristics to dairy-based products. As many brands in this category explore GMO techniques such as precision fermentation, Daiya states that it is perfecting the art of plant-based cheese making with an investment in natural fermentation. The fermentation site will sit in the company’s production facility in Burnaby, British Colombia, the largest stand-alone plant-based facility of its kind in North America, states Daiya.

The plant-based food industry has seen steady growth over the past five years and is projected to reach a market value of $95.52 billion by 2029. With consumers shifting towards a plant-based diet, brands have opportunities to provide a portfolio innovated plant-based products that meet consumer demands. While the alternative milk and meat categories have been key players to date, there is now opportunities for plant-based cheese to make its mark.

According to Jamie Siu, research and development director, advanced research and technology at Daiya, “For our team to be able to deliver this fermented product has been no small task. It has involved extensive research and development in the traditional art of cheese-making, applied in a plant-based setting." The company states that it expects its new product to reach the marketplace by the end of the year.