Planet Based Foods has announced that the company will commence distribution in the West and Midwest, with product availability at Smith's and Mariano's.

This will include The Original Taquito with Cheese, a hemp-based crumble with vegan Pepper Jack cheese, wrapped in a corn tortilla shell with 5 g of plant-based protein; The Southwest Taquitos, which has 4 g of plant-based protein, green chilis and seasoning; and The Green Chili Southwest Hemp Burger Patties, with 19 g of plant-based protein and 6 g of fiber in a blend of hump seed, pea protein and brown rice.

Planet Based Foods' CEO and co-founder, Braelyn Davis, says, "We're proud of what we've accomplished in such little time as a company. This expansion is a significant catalyst for Planet Based Food as we solidify our brand in local supermarkets across the country. We recognize the importance of brick-and-mortar sales but shouldn't be quick to dismiss the success of our online sales. We'll look forward to adding more distribution channels."