Planet Based Foods Global Inc. announced its expansion into the non-dairy frozen dessert category with the unveiling of new hemp-based, organic vegan ice cream at Natural Products EXPO West. Its allergen-free ice cream flavors include butter pecan, chocolate, coffee chip and vanilla.

Made with an organic hemp milk base and premium plant-based ingredients, chief innovation officer Robert Davis says he drew on decades of non-dairy category experience to develop Planet Based Foods' creamy formulations with natural flavors.

"With a sumptuous mouthfeel and creamy flavor, Planet Based Foods' new organic vegan ice creams are a mouthwatering option for those with a dairy-free lifestyle, and for traditional ice cream lovers who want a conscious luxury that's as good for the planet as it is for their taste buds," says Davis. "We used our favorite dairy ice cream as inspiration because we want to appeal to as many people as possible. Our goal is to wow mainstream consumers with the taste and quality of our desserts, while also building awareness for hemp as a sustainable choice."  

Planet Based Foods' vegan ice creams will be available to retail and foodservice buyers with a direct-to-consumer launch slated for summer 2023.