Organic & Natural Health Association (O&N Health) has named Naomi Whittel, founder and CEO of Naomi Whittel Brands, from her board seat she was elected to in 2019, to now serve as president of the board of directors. Founding president, and Venable, LLP partner, Todd Harrison, will serve a new position as board counsel.

Whittel, an entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author and thought leader in the health and wellness industry, also sits on the board of The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center as an advisory board member.

“Originally, I was drawn to Organic & Natural Health’s commitment to transparency, accessibility, traceability and continuous quality improvement for consumers,” says Whittel. “This is exactly where I care to focus my time and attention. Organic & Natural Health’s mission is to unite consumers and corporations and transform business practices in alignment with regenerative systems to support the health of people and the planet. I am very excited about driving forward our collective commitments in my new role as president.”

O&N Health has also appointed a new board member, Sandra Baek Lee, CEO of NJ Labs. Lee is a provider and advocate for quality in chemistry and microbiology testing that serves the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, dietary supplement, cosmetic and cannabis/CBD industries. 

“We continue to keep pushing the envelope in everything that we do, and when we see gaps or problems, we are quick to take action,” said Howard, CEO and executive director of O&N Health. “Our members and board members are fully vetted to provide the most current and relevant counsel and services to confront the many challenges we face as an industry.”

O&N Health’s eighth annual conference in January focused on current industry topics and trends including Amazon consumer deception, emerging Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards, and synthetic biology threats.